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  2016 Sixth Annual

St. Patrick
& St.Baldrick's




  To 10:00 AM Saturday, March 19, 2016


Thank you to all that participated in the 2015 Fifth Annual Campbell-Dickinson Bike Run Walk

Race results for the Fifth Annual Bike Run Walk can be found at
www. EliteRunnersRacing,com

Thank you to the sponsors of the
2015 Fifth Annual Campbell-Dickinson Bike Run Walk


Now get ready for the 2016 Sixth Annual Campbell-Dickinson Bike Run Walk!

Noah Long's father, Dave, walking with Maggie in the pink behind the stroller



2015 Fifth Annual Campbell-Dickinson Bike Run Walk  PHOTOS

Click on the photo above



Jenny Dickinson Comcast Newsmakers Interview 

For the 2014 Campbell-Dickinson Run Bike Walk

Dates & Time   

Fifth Annual Campbell-Dickinson


EARLY PICK UP   Friday, March 18, 2016 

You can pick up t-shirt, race bibs and register for the Bike Run Walk if you have not already.


Saturday, March 19,  2016 
8:00 AM  March 19th same day registration starts at TEMS

10:00 AM  5k Run and start of St. Baldrick's "Shave Off"
11:00 AM Noah Long Kid's 1k Fun Run
 11:30 AM Fun Bike Ride

11:45 AM 5k Walk

Awards presented at the end of each event



Raffle, Chinese Auction & "More" to raise funds for the TEAR Fund

Subject to change


Entry Fees:


 Kids 1-10   $7 before March 2 After $10

Students 11-18  $10 before March 2 After $13

Adults 19 and up  $15 before March 2 After $18

Awards & Categories

5 Mile Bike Fun Ride Not Timed   No awards


Kids 1k Fun Run
Age Groups 1-6  |  7-8-9  |  10-11-12 

Awards for first 3 in each age group regardless of gender.  Wheelchairs & Strollers welcomed

All Kids that participate in the Kids Fun Run will receive Certificates of Appreciation 


5k Run and 5k Walk  Age Groups
Age Groups  19 and Under |  20-29  |  30-39  |  40-49  |  50-59  | 60-69  | 70 and above

Awards for Run/Walk  Medals to overall male and female and first place male and female in each age group (No Duplicates)

Computer 5k timing by
www. EliteRunnersRacing,com


5 Bike Fun Ride No Timing  Not competitive)


Kids 1k (No Timing)           5k Run and 5k Walk (Timing only if competitive)

T-shirts only to those who  registered before March  2, 2016

Shirts not picked up by your race time
on the 19th will be sold

tIMiNG WILL BE AVAILABLE on same day registeration



Click below to register online






 -----------Click on the form (picture) below--------
Copy and submit for your registration


2016 Registration form will be up shortly









Certified & Sanctioned by the USA Track & Field

Timed by Computer Chip Technology
Certification:  OH 13056 MW



Sponsored Fun Run/Walk  

The Bike/Run/Walk is a sponsored event meaning runners, walkers and kids
are encouraged to sign up family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.
 as sponsors to assist in the raising of funds.


 Map & Directions to TEMS
Toronto Emergency Medical Services (TEMS)
201 South 4th Street, Toronto, OH 43964

Route 7 to 4th Street Exit, turn right onto N.4th St, go .8 of a mile TEMS is on the left


View Larger Map




All events begin at the corner of Henry and 3rd Streets, east of TEMS


10:00 AM:   5 k Run  starts at corner of Henry and 3rd Streets, turn right on Market Street at the Gazebo,

left on  River Ave , left on Spring St. to old Rt. 7 to turn around point continue onto North 4th Street, turn left onto Stewartright onto River Avenue till finish at Main Street.

Subject to change


11:00 AM  Noah Long Kid's 1k starts at corner of Henry and 3rd Streets, continue north on 3rd Street

turn around at Freeman Street and return to Henry Street (start point & finish point)
Subject to change


11:30 AM  Fun Bike Ride starts at corner of Henry and 3rd Streets, turn right on Market Street at the Gazebo, left on  River Ave , left on Spring St. to old Rt. 7 to turn around point continue onto North 4th Street, turn left onto Stewartright onto River Avenue till finish at Main Street.

Subject to change


11:45 AM  5k Walk  starts at corner of Henry and 3rd Streets, turn right on Market Street at the Gazebo,

left on  River Ave , left on Spring St. to old Rt. 7 to turn around point continue onto North 4th Street, turn left onto Stewartright onto River Avenue till finish at Main Street.

Subject to change



---------------TEAMS AGAINST CANCER----------------




These TEAMS have registered against cancer

Noah's Warriors  *   5kkrazies * Team Main Street * Columbia

Ladies & Littles * Kickin' Asphalt  *  Team Ben  *   Holy Walkamolies * Paws

Victory for Victoria * Rhode Team * Scrubs * Team UMB  *  Pearson's Posse

JCCS * Team Awesome * Team Spirit * Valley Hospice  *  Audrey's Angels

Team Durbin * Cure Childhood Cancer * Toronto High School * Mary's Minnons



         Recognition plaques and "Bragging Rights" go to the teams that have the largest "Pot of Gold" and the

 largest number of participating members.  Choose a name for the team and a team leader (TL)

TL will make sure all members are registered with team's name for their event; either on
line at or in the 2015 Brochure and Entry Form (see link below)

Team Members must be registered by March 2 to receive t-shirts.

 Sponsor and donation money (checks) can be turned in on March 19.

       Team members will solicit family, friends, co-workers, etc. for donations.  All donations are to
be in check form payable to TCFR  Cancer Relief please no cash.  All checks will be collected and
 turned in by TL on Saturday, March 19 at the Teramana TEAR table in the TEMS building
located at 201 S.4th St. Toronto, OH. At that time TL will turn in the total number of

team members and the total donation collected by the team in the form below.






          TEAM NAME: _________________________    TEAM LEADER:_____________________________   TL PHONE:____________________






VERIFY AMOUNT:  TL SIGNATURE ___________________________ STAFF SIGNATURE: ________________________





Helpful Links for Campbell-Dickinson Bike run Walk


2014 sponsor Letter


2011 5k photos TEMS

Jenny Dickinson  2014 Comcast Interview

Susan Miller 2012 Comcast/TEAR Interview

TEAR Brochure





Register on line for the
Sixth Annual "2016"  Campbell-Dickinson St. Patrick Bike/Run/Walk



Photos of the 2012 Run/Walk can be found at the facebook page of the
TEMS Joint Ambulance District



Proceeds benefit Trinity Emergency Assistance Relief  Fund & Toronto Coalition for Revitalization 

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated, and may be tax-deductable when made out to
CFov Cancer and mailed toCoalition   P.O. Box 121, Toronto, OH 43964

Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley    TEAR Trinity Emergency Assistance Relief   
Toronto Coalition for Revitalization


Why is the event called the Campbell-Dickinson St. Patrick Bike Run Walk?



Attorney William D. (Pat) Campbell, of Toronto, Ohio was born March 17, 1925, St. Patrick’s Day, hence the name “Pat”.  He served in the Navy during WW II, graduated from The Ohio State University School of Law in 1949 and was an attorney in Steubenville for over 50 years.  He was a member of the Empire United Methodist Church, past president of the Jefferson County Bar Association and a member of numerous organizations.


In1998, while fishing in the Ohio River, he turned in the boat and his femur broke.  A later biopsy of the femur showed the presence of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Pat underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments from1999 to 2002 at the Teramana Cancer Center.  Treatment involved numerous hospital stays, doctors' appointments and checkups.  He still enjoyed life and continued fishing and playing golf at the Steubenville Country Club.


Pat’s chemotherapy was effective in treating his cancer. However, the chemotherapy did a great deal of damage to his heart.  His heart became extremely enlarged and this condition required extensive treatment.  Pat received a pacemaker in September, 2009, returned to the hospital in October, 2009 and died on December 10, 2009, the damage to his heart was too great and it could no longer function.


His wife Patricia and son David are pleased that the Campbell name can help promote the Trinity Foundation TEAR Fund that provides financial assistance to cancer patients in need.





Jenny Russlee-Dickinson is a resident of Toronto, Ohio along with her husband G. R. and their three children, Nolan, Russ and Josey.   She is employed by the Toronto City Schools as an Intervention and Physical Education teacher.


Jen was affected by breast cancer in April 2009.  She found a lump in her left breast just before the birth of her daughter Josey. Josey is now the little girl in Jenny's arm.  From there she endured a trying year that included mammograms, biopsies, a lumpectomy, six months of chemo, a bi-lateral mastectomy, radiation, reconstructive surgery and continuous hormonal treatments.  Since April 2009, Jen has spent much time at the Teramana Cancer Center, which has been an exceptional treatment center.


She has been blessed to have an outpouring display of support from family, friends, doctors, nurses and the community of Toronto.


She was very fortunate to have health insurance to have her financial needs met while undergoing cancer treatment.  Jen realizes that many other patients do not have the resources, for this reason, Jen is very proud to help promote the TEAR program that will help others financially while battling cancer. 

Jen is also very proud to support anything that brings positivity to the community of Toronto, which she feel the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization is helping to make a better future for her and her families hometown.




Proceeds from the Run/Walk will benefit
Trinity Emergency Assistance Relief  Fund t
o provide modest emergency assistance for individuals
diagnosed with cancer in order to lessen the burdens associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment and

Toronto Coalition for Revitalization i
n the revitalization and economic
development in Toronto and in turn the Upper Ohio Valley. 
For information on the Coalition
visit  The Toronto Coalition for Revitalization








 ---- St. Baldricks & Locks of Love----

Starts at 10:00 PM or there about !
Proceeds from the Locks of Love and St. Baldricks events will go directly to those two organizations.


Locks of Love; Our mission is to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children. The children receive hair prostheses free of charge or on a sliding scale, based on financial need.  For information call Mindy Jones
740-381-9407 and visit



St. Baldricks; Each year, 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. Cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the U.S. and Canada. Research saves lives.  The St. Baldricks Foundation is a volunteer –driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancer  and give survivors long and healthy lives.  For  information call Matt Lewis 740-632-4064  and visit






The 2015 Campbell-Dickinson Bike/Run/Walk is in memory of  Noah and dedicated to his family


Noah passed to the Lord on July 28, 2014 at age 8



  Noah's Story as told by his mother Katie in 2013

Noah has always been a very healthy child, maybe a case of strep throat along the way but nothing that was ever of much concern or could not be treated by an antibiotic.  On the first day of second grade Noah was walking into school with his mom, she noticed that his little chest was beating very fast. Not so fast that he needed to be taken to the ER immediately but fast enough that she wanted to notify their pediatrician to schedule a follow up.  Noah was not short of breath, having chest pain or displaying any outwardly signs stating that he was in distress, for that matter when he stopped up for his mid afternoon hello with mom after lunch, he appeared to be having a great first day.  Dr. Alkaed their pediatrician requested to see him after school.  After assessment it was decided that Noah should go for some blood work to complete a through exam.  That night Noah's mom received a phone call that stated that not all of the results were in but something seemed to be off with his lab values. The next morning when she called to get his complete lab results and further instruction from the Doctor she was notified that they needed to go to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh immediately that Noah needed to see an Oncologist/ Hematologist. In disbelief Noah was taken out of school 1/2 a day to follow through with the Doctor's orders for further assessment. Noah was confused as to why we needed to leave school early on the second day of school!   As the ER Doctors began to assess Noah , a referral was made for the Oncology department to come in for a consult. It began to seem to real as to why we were actually there, Our son had CANCER. Our son that appeared to be healthy for all accounts but a rapid heart beat had the big "C" word.

Noah was diagnosed after blood smear, bone marrow aspiration, and lumbar puncture as having AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, "CANCER". Within 48 hours our world had been turned upside down, shaken around, and left sitting on its side. HOW, WHY, IS THIS REAL???  Questions that we still ask today. After the results of his bone marrow sample returned we later found out that not only did Noah have AML but that he had the genetic mutation of FLT3 which requires very aggressive treatment, that must be treated with chemo along with a bone marrow transplant.  His chances of a cure are 70% with aggressive treatment, and bone marrow transplant.

Noah has a little sister Maggie that started pre-school this year, the team of Doctors stated that Maggie would mostly likely be the best match for bone marrow transplant.   As a parent to think that you will have both of your children in two separate rooms in surgery is very sobering.   What choice do you have? We are praying that Maggie will be a match and that it will help Noah in his race for a CURE..

The genetic mutation FLT3 is something that has only recently (within 5 years) been identified as a high risk factor for relapse.  Thanks to continued research in childhood leukemia we are now able to know that without bone marrow transplant children with AML, mutation FLT3 will have a higher probability of relapse and subsequent chemo treatments, and bone marrow transplant with increased risk and decreased odds for a cure.We strongly support continued research in childhood cancer's.  Noah is currently in research programs to help Doctor's better understand and treat Noah and other children like him from around the world with the same diagnosis.  Noah passed to the Lord on July 28, 2014 at age 8



Noah's Family

sister  Maggie, Noah, mother Katie, father Dave



David Pawelczyk  Poster Child for the St. Baldrick's Shave Off  2015





David Pawelczyk’s story as told by his mother Ginny, October 5, 2015

David was born on September 19, 2009. He was happy and most importantly healthy for about six months. Then in early 2010 early spring he had an ear infection. His doctor treated him for the infection but the entire month of April David started to lose weight, vomit about every other day and eventually he couldn’t be moved without crying. He was misdiagnosed by multiple doctors, none were his pediatrician who was out of town for the month. On April 30th, David was a little over seven months old, we took him into the doctor who said to get him to the local hospital for a CT and a lumbar puncture. They did not even do the lumbar puncture because the CT showed a massive brain tumor that was suppressing his brain stem to nothing and causing him to stop breathing. David was life flighted to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh were they took him and placed an external shunt as soon as we arrived. On that following Monday David received a fourteen hour surgery to remove his tumor. The doctor was able to remove 99.8% of the tumor however David’s right vocal cord was paralyzed and he was left deaf in his right ear. David was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Ependymoma Grade II/III brain tumor. Since his vocal cord was paralyzed he was placed on a feeding tube. After about a month of living in the hospital we were sent home only to return the same week for his first infusion of chemo. David received three rounds of chemo, going septic the last round. In the fall we moved to Boston where David received 31 treatments of Proton Beam Radiation Therapy at Mass General Hospital.

In the winter of 2012 David suffered two mini strokes. After an MRA and an angiogram showed that David had developed radiation induced Moya-Moya. This is where the blood vessels in the brain die off and it looks like a puff of smoke on a scan. David received a surgery in March where they graphed an artery outside of the skull onto the brain. After about six months the artery took hold and David was talking for the first time ever!

David eventually started eating by mouth so that the feeding tube was removed. Because of the radiation his pituitary gland does not function so he must take a growth hormone shot daily. David scans every six months at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

David turned five in September and is attending Preschool at Indian Creek Local School District. He is happy and healthy and we are enjoying every day that we have together.

Ginny is a teacher in Mingo Junction






The story of Conner Sacripanti, Toronto, Ohio  2009

The 2012 Campbell-Dickinson Run/Walk is dedicated to Conner and his family.

Conner is a survivor




Our son's name is Conner Sacripanti. He is five years old and he is fighting ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). To see him now, he looks like any typical four year old. However, after hearing his story and realizing all he has been through and still goes through, it makes you wonder how he has the strength and stamina in him to deal with it all.


He turned two on November 7, 2009. He hadn't been feeling well the week before and we all wanted to chalk it up to "the flu". However, that was not to be the case. As a mother, I knew something still wasn't right and insisted he be seen again by his pediatrician. A few blood tests later and we received a phone call from his doctor telling us that we needed to immediately take him to Women and Children's Hospital in Charleston, West Virginia, at this time we were living in Parkersburg, West Virginia. We did as we were advised and on November 10, 2009, two doctors walked into Conner's hospital room and informed of us that indeed, our son had Leukemia.


That was the day that our lives changed. Conner's new "normal" would be something we never thought we would have to deal with, but to see him deal with all that he does has changed more than just our lives. I have seen my son deal with things that would bring a grown man to his knees. This disease has taken away his childhood and his hair, it has compromised all of his interactions with others, it has changed the way we deal with normal day to day things. You are never prepared for anyone to tell you that someone you love has Cancer, but, when that someone is your two year old son, you do have to wonder why we were "chosen" to deal with it. It shatters your heart, but to see him be so strong and fight this disease with everything his little body has....that makes you realize...this is show everyone how strong and resilient Conner is.


He is currently receiving chemotherapy intravenously once a month and every day he takes medication by mouth. He gets weekly blood work done to check that his levels are all where they should be and every three months he has to endure a Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap) where spinal and brain fluid are extracted and chemo is injected. This disease can strike any one, no matter age, race, sex, or religious belief. It doesn't matter. But, the treatments for children are just as difficult and severe as they are for the big guys.


Conner is currently in remission and we are very pleased with that outcome. However, it isn't over yet. He still receives his treatments and we are still very nervous while we are waiting for the blood results each week. This entire situation has brought our family closer together. We now realize that we are able to deal with any situation that we are put in. To watch your son deal with this day in and day out makes you realize that we are stronger than we thought and that the one who taught us that is our four year old son. Conner is our youngest son and he is a HERO to all of us!!



Help Conner & David by taking part in the St. Baldricks "Shave Off"





toronto coalition for revitalization  
P.O. Box 121  Toronto, OH 43964




For more information






------------------------------Photos from 2011 Campbell-Dickinson 5k-------------------------












Ft. Steuben Mall has been very supportive in helping the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization in publicizing the St. Patrick's 1K / 5K events. Here George Komar presents a promotional sign to Marketing Director for St. Steuben Mall, Stephanie McVicker.



John Hyland, MD (right) accepts a sign from TCFR President George Komar promoting the Campbell-Dickinson St. Patrick Run/Walk.  Dr. Hyland of the West Penn Allegheny Cancer Institute's Radiation Oncology Network  is one of several attending physicians treating cancer patients at the Tony Teramana Cancer Center at Trinity Health Systems in Steubenville.

Terry Weigel (left), Executive Director of Weirton Board of Parks and Recreation accepts a sign from George Komar for display at Millsop Community Center in Weirton. Informational brochures with race entry forms will also be available at the front desk.

Helen Grimm, front desk receptionist and greeter at the YMCA Wellness Center at the St. John Arena accepts a promotional sign from TCFR President George Komar. Brochures with entry forms for the Campbell-Dickinson St. Patrick Run/Walk will be made available at the front desk



__________________  and


Check these sites for more race dates







Latest Toronto, Ohio, weather conditions and forecast




















The dog run/walk is to acknowledge the strength and courage of

Emmitt Herrick a St. Bernard and his owners in Toronto. The Herricks

noticed a growth on Emmitt's left leg.  They took him to Ohio State University

where he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg.  Emmitt was then taken to

New Horizons Animal Hospital where they removed the leg.  February 6, 2013 marked

one year of Emmitt being without his left leg.  Emmitt will hopefully be in the run/walk



Runners & Walkers you are invited to run or walk with your dog and to meet Emmitt.
Dog Registration fee is $5.00

You are required to register your dog on the day of the run/walk (March 15)

All human runners and/or walkers are required to pay their

registration fee either by pre-registration or same day registration


Dog Etiquette/Guidelines


In order to keep order to this day and make it a success, please abide by the following guidelines:


1.  Human runners/walkers with dogs are to start at the back portion of the

pack of runners/walkers, and off to the right side, not in the actual pack.


2.  If your dog has never been involved in running or walking in a 1k or 5k

 with you before, please use this as a learning experience.  Please start in the

back portion of the pack of runners and/or walkers and off to the right side.





4.  All registered dogs will receive a "poop bag".  Please carry it with you

during the race, and if your dog needs to stop to "use the facilities,

" please use the bag and dispose of the "bag" at the end of the

run/walk or at the turn around point in the run/walk.


5.  You are to use a regular leash (preferably 4 feet). If you have only a

retractable leash, please lock it at 4 feet during the entire

time you are in the presence of others.



Do no put your race bib/number on your dog and do not stand

with the pack of runners/walkers waiting to start.


No Biters or Fighters allowed. 

Event Marshalls have the right to remove any dog/human from the run/walk that does not abide by the guidelines.


These guidelines are in place to maximize happy runners, happy neighbors, and a long future of dog-friendly racing at the
Campbell-Dickinson St. Patrick 5k and Kids 1k




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