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Welcome to The Historical Society of Toronto, Ohio; 

The Historical Society of Toronto, Ohio

For information beyond what is found on the Historical Society web site contact
Carolyn Walker...740-537-2157   email  fcwalker@sbcglobal.net

The Historical Society of Toronto, Ohio has as it's purpose;

1. The preservation and safeguarding of historical information, facts, documents, books and interpretation of artifacts, especially as relate to the early history of the Toronto area, for the public to view and enjoy.

2. To support the objectives of the Toronto High School Alumni Association.

3. To provide educational programs, projects, activities and resources to public and private schools in the area, and also the public at large

4. To provide financial support and assistance to the Toronto Museum.

5. To raise funds in any lawful manner for the support of said activities or other lawful activities.



I recently received this email with the following question

>> How did Toronto get the nick name "The Gem City"? 
I could not find anything on the web about its' nick name.
>> Thank You,  Mike H.

Response to Mike

> Mike,  I have heard two accounts;
 That people traveling on the river in the 1800's seeing the lights from
> Toronto through the fog/mist said that the lights from
the city twinkled like gems.
 That Toronto had business and commerce for all concerned, therefore it
> became known as a "Gem of a City"
> Take your pick!   If you hear of any others, please share them with me.
> When you enter "Gem City" on google there are over 147,000 results.
> Toronto is not the only city known as the Gem City.
> Mike, I also sent this answer to the members of the Historical Society of
> Toronto, Ohio.  You may hear from others.


2009 Officers & Trustees
Carolyn Walker, President
Art Monigold, Vice-President
Linda McFerren, Vice-President
Gail Komar, Secretary
Betty Davis, Treasurer
George Komar, Trustee
Zane Dougherty, Trustee
Don Clarke, Trustee
Nancy Monigold, Trustee


Items for Sale by the Historical Society
DVD's    Note cards
Available at Toronto Alumni Office
102 N. Third St, Toronto, Ohio


World War II


Linda McFerren is collecting the stories of World War II veterans from Toronto. These stories will be compiled into an album of "The Greatest Generation, Toronto Edition" and eventually published into a booklet showing the heroism and sacrifices of our fathers and grandfathers. Please be a part of this important project of the Historical Society of Toronto by submitting any stories you know to Linda at lcmack@sbcglobal.net  Pictures are also important, and they can be scanned and returned.

 If you have an interest in the history of Toronto and/or would like additional information,
please contact one of the following;

Art or Nancy Monigold...740-282-8978
Carolyn Walker...740-537-2157   email  fcwalker@sbcglobal.net
Gail or George Komar...740-544-6439   email  gkomar@gotmc.net
Linda McFerren...email  lcmack@sbcglobal.net

For more Information on Toronto and Jefferson County go to: 
 www.JeffCoChapter.com  (Jefferson County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society)
http://www.steubenville.lib.oh.us/ (Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson Co.)


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