Storefront Improvement  2019

Melissa Baker's store on Main Street
2017 recipient of $500 TRCFR & TBC Funding.  The Sweet Stop Bakery sign

Jeremy Troski's building corner of Franklin & Ferderal  2017 recipient of $500 TCFR Funding  Four windows

Rudy's storefront on N. Fourth St.was restored by The Coalition in 2010.  Sorrty to say the building was demolished in 2017 by the City due to neglect

Congratulations to Don's Appliance Sales & Service located at the corner of N. Fourth and Clark Streets as the recipient of the $750.00 Storefront Improvement Funding provided by the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization and the Toronto Beautification Committee.  Their application stated, "Our plans are to have old paint on wood  prepped, scraped and painted. 

Ginny Kuhn...Shear Concepts on N. 4th Street 2018 recipient of $500 TBC & The Coalition Funding.  Entrance Carpet

DiCarlo's Pizza on N. 4th Street 2018 recipient of $500 TBC & The Coalition Funding.. Repair and painting of awning

George Komar, Ginny Kuhn & Doris Matyas



The Comnunity Garden is the view on the corner opposite Don's Appliances at the corner of N. 4th and Clark Streets