WTOV 9 Public Service Announcement for the Campbell-Dickinson St. Patricks Run Bike Walk & The Noah Long Kids 1k .....Click on photo

Left to right:  Marsha Lewis, Teramana Cancer Center, David Campbell, represents the Campbell Family, Chief Clark Crago TEMS,  Toni Moreland, Co-Chairsperson,  Don Clarke Coalition VP, George Komar Co-Chairperson

$10,414.00 check presentation to the Teramana TEAR Fund

The following question was asked from a registrant of the 5k as a result of the cancellation of the Campbell-Dickinson due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the notification of the distribution of the 2020 t-shirts.

"Will the money we used to pay for the run,  roll over to next year 2021 Campbell-Dickinson?"

In answer to the question.  There are expenses:  t-shirts cost $5.83 each (shirts will be available on the dates and times indicated above).  There are other expenses: brochures, bill boards, signs & banners, printing, postage to name a few.  Any money aftet expenses went to the Teramana Cancer Center TEAR Fund in the amount of $10,414.00 (see below)

I regret to say NO to your question based on the explanation above.   Hope to see you next year on March 20, 2021 !

The 2020 Campbell-Dickinson 5k scheduled for March 21 was first postpond due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and then cancelled.  T-Shirts were distributed during two weekends in August.  Plans are being made for the 2021 Campbell-Dickinson for March 20, 2021.